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Version 2.018 Is Ready Download PokeIn Library!

From the version 0.92 forward, PokeIn Library will be hosted under and licence for this library changed. To download the new version and further information please visit

Performance Video (More than 10.000 virtual concurrent users)

Please notice that PokeIn v1.6+ handles ~80K connections per node

About PokeIn | F.A.Q | ASP.NET Web Sockets

Basic Tutorial | Advanced Tutorial | IIS Optimization Tool

  • Stocks Market | Chat Application Samples download

Other Samples

  • ASP.NET WebSockets for IIS 6, IIS 7, 7.5 & IIS 8
  • ASP.NET UpdatePanel Server Push Support
  • Subscribe to/ Leave from the Channels sample
  • Multiple server support sample project
  • PokeIn Cache Class sample
  • WCF Desktop controller for ASP.NET Web Application
  • ASP.NET embedded MSDOS Console Sample
  • SQL Connection Sample
  • MVC Chat Sample
  • ASP.NET WCF Sample
  • VB.NET Chat Sample
  • Event Oriented Server Push for ASP.NET MVC
  • Silverlight Connection Sample
  • Ajax Upload Control Sample
  • Joint Sample
Download the above samples

PokeIn Comet Ajax Library

Ajax based development never been so easy !
.NET 2+, Mono 2.4+ Compatible

Some of the features: (version 1.52)
* Reverse Ajax & Server Push
* Intelligent Fail Recovery
* Desktop Client Support
* Sleep Mode and Cross Domain Listeners
* Automated Object Level Joint Capabilities
* Silverlight Support
* Dynamic Connection Management
* Complete .NET to JSON Serialization
* Subscribe / Leave Channels
* Event / Message Ordering
* Multiple Server Support
* Lightweight and cross-browser (IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IOS, Android, ....)
* Server CPU and Port usage friendly
* WCF & .NET Remoting Support
* Image & Video & Text Content Resource Manager
* ASP.NET MVC Compatible
* Mono Runtime Support
* Session Cloning Detection
* Thread Safe Object Managers
* Secured Transfers
* Client Disconnection Detection
* Apache 2.2, Nginx, IIS 5Compatible
* v1.51+ capable to handle more than 25K concurrent connections ( watch this video to see 11K result )

tr: ASP.NET ile AJAX destekli site yapmak hiç bu kadar kolay olmamıştı!
de: Es ist zeit, leicht unterstützt AJAX-Webseiten mit ASP.NET erstellen!
fr: il est temps de créer des sites web facilement avec ASP.NET Ajax appuyé!

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